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About FrostFire

The Battle has begun. The Gods have pitted the two elements of nature, fire and ice, against one another. With ferocious fighting skills and an ardent sense of triumph, the dragons have offered to serve as the battalions. Protect this world at all costs, for the wraths of the enemy mustn’t be provoked. Your dragons must be set to destroy the enemy’s battalion. Only then will you emerge victorious.

Survive the battlefield.

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Rules of the Game


  • The Code for the bots must be strictly written in C/C++.
  • The bots will be disqualified due to any errors in the code or invalid moves.
  • Bots will also be disqualified if they fail to respond in the specified time limit.
  • Malicious activity or excessive resource consumption will also result in disqualification.
  • Please refer to the documentation for the detailed set of rules.


  • The problem statement for FrostFire is provided below along with a detailed documentation to understand the game rules.
  • Templates in C/C++ are put up to illustrate the basic structure of the code, in order to get started
  • May the best algorithm win!

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